Test Run on New Facebook Policy

Test Run on New Facebook Policy

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Hills For Everyone has received requests to allow the public to more freely engage with the organization via social media. Up until now, we’ve had our Facebook page set up to only allow Hills For Everyone page administrators to post to our wall. This means individuals with questions must contact us via email or via Facebook private message to reach us. As a reminder, we are a small conservation non-profit with a limited budget and carefully used staff time.

That said, after doing some homework with other conservation organizations, we are offering a two week test run allowing individuals to post to our wall. As with any organization, rules need to be established to ensure the public knows what is expected to make responsible use of this opportunity. If this Facebook task management becomes too burdensome for our small staff we may remove this feature. While it will likely promote engagement, it may detract from our mission. We believe you’d rather have us spend our time protecting land than being a Facebook monitor.

The rules for public posts, photographs, and videos on the Hills For Everyone Facebook page should relate to the mission of Hills For Everyone, which is: “To protect, preserve and restore the environmental resources and natural environs of the Puente-Chino Hills and surrounding areas for the enjoyment of current and succeeding generations and to initiate, sponsor, promote, organize and carry out plans, programs, and activities that will tend to further these ends.” The use of profanity, slurs or other hateful messages will not be tolerated. Lack of adherence to these rules not only means your post will be deleted, but you may also be banned from our page.

Posts, photographs, and/or videos will be deleted (and users may be banned) if the content is determined to: (1) violate any law, (2) hurt, torment or aggravate any wildlife, (3) encourage misuse or abuse of protected lands, (4) involve trespassing on private property, (5) promote unauthorized use of trails (social trails, unofficial access points, night riding, access during park closures), (6) promote the destruction of property and/or natural resources, and (7) promote a candidate running for office, a business, or a product.

As always we appreciate your support. This trial will begin today and last until Tuesday, April 12, 2016.