Below is a research paper focused on herpetofauna and amphibians within the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor.

Haas, Chris, Adam Backlin, Carlton Rochester, and Robert Fisher. 2002. Monitoring Reptiles and Amphibians at Long-Term Biodiversity Monitoring Stations: The Puente-Chino Hills (PDF – 4.3 MB)
Southern California’s topography, history and climate have allowed the herpetofauna to diversify. There are over 70 species with 24 considered sensitive in California or at the federal level. Habitat fragmentation severely impacts herpetofauna, but protected lands within the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor offers some refuge. This study focuses on the distribution and diversity of reptiles across the Wildlife Corridor and identifies specific and immediate management needs to maintain the herpetofauna community.