Olinda LandfillThe Olinda Landfill is situated in unincorporated Orange County immediately west of the northern portion of Chino Hills State Park in Carbon Canyon.


  • No information is available on the mitigation funds as of yet.


  • This ridgetop landfill at the top of Valencia Avenue near Brea is a visible scar on the hills, so much so that it can be seen on satellite images from space.
  • This is one of three sites operated by the County of Orange Integrated Waste Management Department (IWMD). Its operation was extended another eight years. It will now close in 2021.
  • In exchange for “hosting” this landfill and putting up with the negative impacts associated with it, Brea has been allocated a package worth $30 million in mitigation money.
  • It seems a variety of interests have their sights set on using this mitigation money for other purposes.