Due to Hills For Everyone involvement several projects have reached the “resolved” phase.  In other words, projects that were once active in the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor are now complete and/or decided.  In some instances, we were able to change the outcome to benefit the Corridor and in other instances it took our engagement or legal action to resolve it.   Here are the resolved threats to the Wildlife Corridor:

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Hills For Everyone litigated this 162 unit project proposed on 367 acres. The lawsuit was successful and Appellate Court ordered the City of Brea to revoke the approvals, which occurred on July 17, 2018. Learn more about Madrona by following … Read More

Cielo Vista
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Hills For Everyone has guided the resident’s group, Protect Our Homes and Hills. This group worked with North County BRS (the project applicant) for the Cielo Vista project and signed a settlement agreement that resulted in reducing the project impacts … Read More

National Monument Designation
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Congressional leaders and non-profit organizations (including Hills For Everyone) worked to designate the San Gabriel Mountains as a National Monument. Learn more about the National Monument by following this link.

Whittier Oil Drilling
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Learn how Hills For Everyone participated in the public policy recommendations to stop the oil drilling proposed in protected lands in Whittier. Learn more about the Whittier Oil Drilling by following this link.

Edison’s TRTP
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Learn how Hills For Everyone worked with the City of Chino Hills and residents to resolve the Edison Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project (TRTP) and underground the high-voltage power lines in the City of Chino Hills. Learn more about the Edison TRTP by … Read More

Edison Settlement
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As a result of a 1982 lawsuit, Hills For Everyone forced Southern California Edison to remove obsolete power lines in Chino Hills State Park. Learn more about the Edison Settlement by following this link.

Carbon Creek Restoration
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Hills For Everyone, the Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council, and Santa Ana Watershed Association (among others) took advantage of the devastating Freeway Complex Fire to rid Carbon Creek of the invasive, non-native and highly flammable “giant reed” called Arundo donax. … Read More

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