Hills For Everyone (HFE) respects your right to privacy and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. We do not sell, distribute, lease or rent our membership and supporter database to anyone. This includes anyone who signed up for electronic alerts, contacted us directly, signed a petition, attended a meeting or made a donation to HFE. We have created the following privacy policy to inform you about the ways in which we collect and use your information.

Cookies are small bits of data cached or stored on your computer based on internet activity. We use cookies to monitor individual activity in aggregate to improve the site. The information we gather includes IP address to determine visits to each page or page reloads.

Otherwise, HFE does not collect any information from you without your knowledge and permission, and we do not ask that you enter any personal information to access information on our public website.

Where Your Information May Be Requested
There are three places on our website you may be asked for information:

Online Donations or Ticket Purchases
Online donations made through a secure webpage require that you provide your contact information. This information will only be used to send an acknowledgment letter, as required by the Internal Revenue Service to acknowledge your tax-deductible donation.

Electronic Mailing List
HFE has an electronic database that it uses to send information to hillside supporters. This sign up form requires an email address and requests first and last name and your city of residence. The city request allows us to send city-specific information to the smallest and most affected audience instead of sending it to everyone on the various lists. Those that donate online, provide their email address on a sign-up sheet, or request through some other means to be included on this distribution list will be added without additional notification. Anyone on the database may unsubscribe from our e-newsletter at any time.

Mailing List Submission
Should you choose to be added to our mailing list for our mailed newsletter, we require that you provide your complete mailing address in order to send you the newsletter. This allows us to use the United States Postal Services “National Change of Address” (NCOA) system to eliminate from our database individuals that have moved and/or individuals whose forwarding address is no longer valid.

Reviewing and Updating Your Information
Should you need to update your information, please send us an email or leave a message on our voicemail: 714-687-1555.

E-Communications from HFE
If you are receiving HFE emails you may elect to opt out or unsubscribe at any time. The unsubscribe option is available at the bottom of every e-newsletter. Should change your mind and later decide to receive emails after unsubscribing please resubmit your name via our e-newsletter sign up page. You may be required to confirm your subscription by clicking a link in an automated email. This step is necessary so that your email address isn’t accidentally added to the database without your permission. Individuals whose email addresses are invalid, rejected or bounce will be removed from our e-newsletter database usually on a quarterly basis.

Secure Transactions
When you donate to HFE via our online system rest assured that your donation information is secure. Information is protected with SSL with an encryption key length of 128 bits (the highest level commercially available). To further shield your credit card and bank numbers, our payment providers use your credit card information only for the purpose of processing your donation. We will not disclose this information except as necessary to process your donation. Neither HFE, nor our payment providers, store your credit card information electronically once your donation has been processed.