Hills For Everyone keeps an eye on the protected and unprotected lands of the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor, which spans four counties and 12 cities. In some instances, development proposals threaten the integrity of the Corridor, while in other cases, our protected lands are threatened with poorly planned infrastructure projects. Where appropriate, HFE gets involved in the local land use, planning, and environmental review process.   Here are the active threats to the Wildlife Corridor.

Brea Canyon Rd. Widening
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See the proposal to widen Brea Canyon Road above Brea Blvd./Central from two lanes to four lanes. The project has the potential to sever the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor if not planned and built correctly. Learn more about the Brea … Read More

Esperanza Hills
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See the proposal to fill two canyons in fire- and landslide-prone hills above Yorba Linda to make room for 340-units. Esperanza Hills abuts Chino Hills State Park and is in Orange County territory. The project proposes one access onto Stonehaven. Learn … Read More

Hidden Oaks
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The developer of the 537 acre property submitted a revised project that reduces the footprint of the project and number of units from 107 to 53. However, the site is now owned by a new developer and the new site plans … Read More

Hsi Lai Monastery Expansion
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The International Buddhist Progress Society has proposed an expansion of its Hsi Lai Temple in Hacienda Heights. The project, a monastery, is being processed through the County of Los Angeles. Learn about the Hsi Lai Monastery Expansion.

Olinda Landfill
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Though set to close in 2021, the Olinda Landfill may well be extended since it has not reached capacity. The extension would only be in duration of operation, not elevation and the footprint would not be expanded. Learn more about … Read More

Prado Raceway
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An off road vehicle park has been proposed just off the 71 Freeway in Riverside County near the San Bernardino County line. Concerns have been raised with the property owner about impacts to Chino Hills State Park. Learn more about … Read More

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