Coal Canyon AcquisitionMISSION

“To protect, preserve and restore the environmental resources and natural environs of the Puente-Chino Hills and surrounding areas for the enjoyment of current and succeeding generations and to initiate, sponsor, promote, organize and carry out plans, programs, and activities that will tend to further these ends.”

Regional efforts to save the Puente-Chino Hills have been underway for 31 years. Conservationists have been remarkably successful. In the western part of the Corridor, nearly 4,000 acres have been purchased as open space. In the east, 14,000 acres have been set aside as Chino Hills State Park. The entire hillside system is now connected to the Cleveland National Forest at Coal Canyon.

The task is not finished. Threats to the integrity of Chino Hills State Park, its borders, and the Wildlife Corridor continue to emerge. Currently, Hills For Everyone is heavily engaged in the protection of the “Missing Middle” of the Wildlife Corridor. Tonner Canyon and the hills between Harbor Boulevard in La Habra Heights and the 57 Freeway in Brea are threatened by major development projects. If these lands are developed, wildlife in the western part of the hills will become isolated and die out. Protection of the “Missing Middle” is essential to the health of the entire Corridor and the livability of the communities in this region.

501(c)(3) STATUS
Hills For Everyone is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation (EIN No. 95-3786751). All contributions are tax-deductible.