Hills For Everyone keeps an eye on the protected and unprotected lands of the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor, which spans four counties and 12 cities. In some instances, development proposals threaten the integrity of the Corridor, while in other cases, our protected lands are threatened with poorly planned infrastructure projects. Where appropriate, HFE gets involved in the local land use, planning, and environmental review process.   Here are the sidelined threats to the Wildlife Corridor, meaning we know the threat exists but it isn’t active (at the moment).

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See the proposal level the backdrop of Brea to add 3,600 houses on 3,000 acres in Los Angeles and Orange County.  This land connects the protected areas on the western side of the hills to the eastern side of the … Read More

Pacific Heights
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Though approved for development in 2009, the Pacific Heights property above Hacienda Heights has been controversial from the get-go. The proposal includes 47-units on 114 steep acres. Learn more about Pacific Heights by following this link.

Tonner Canyon
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The City of Industry has its sights set on scraping the hillsides clean and constructing several dams along with side (saddle) dams in Tonner Canyon, as well as adding a road along the ridgetop–all of this on top of an … Read More

91 Freeway
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Numeorus projects along the 91 freeway in both Riverside and Orange Counties jeopardize the only place wildlife can safely cross under the 91 freeway at Coal Canyon.  From river riprap to freeway widenings, flyovers to the Santa Ana River Interceptor … Read More

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