Donate to Defend the Madrona Court Victory

Donate to Defend the Madrona Court Victory

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At the last minute last week, acting as the trustee for the bankrupt Madrona property, the State of Idaho filed an appeal with the California Supreme Court asking it to overturn Hills For Everyone’s Superior Court and Appellate Court victories. 

Please donate to support the defense of our Madrona court victory.

The developers have challenged only one narrow portion of the decision relating to General Plan consistency.

Several things work in our favor:

  • The City of Brea did not join the original appeal or this one;
  • There does not seem to be any particular area of unsettled law in this appellate decision;
  • It is an unpublished decision so it doesn’t apply to other cases; and,
  • Finally, the Supreme Court only takes about one percent of the cases it is asked to review.

Nevertheless, our attorneys have to research, write, and submit a reply brief. We will likely hear whether the Supreme Court takes the case by spring 2018.

On frightening, heartbreaking wind whipped days like today, we are reminded that more people should not be put in harm’s way in risky hillside areas.

With your generous support, we can continue to fight this latest effort to overturn the court’s ruling.  Donations to Hills For Everyone are fully tax deductible. Donate now.