We Stand With You

We Stand With You

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We know that with #COVID-19 right now the world is a different place than it was last week. There are a lot of unknowns, a lot of ways we need to think and act differently, and a lot of uncertainty with the future. The ultimate goal is to keep people safe–especially the elderly and immune compromised–and we should all heed the advice of WHO and CDC. Wash your hands. Stay home. Avoid large gatherings.

During this time, it might feel isolating, so you might consider a walk outside or in a park. We must flatten the curve by taking what feel like drastic steps. This community-wide effort will give our hospitals and health care community a fighting chance to help and to save as many people as possible. Let us unite for the sake of humanity.

While everyone practices social distancing to ensure one another’s safety, Hills For Everyone is committed to showing you the beauty that remains around us. We have 40 years of photos of the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor.

Come with us on this digital journey. And let us know if you have any request on something specific you’d like to see or learn about. Keep the faith. We will get through this.

(Photo: A close up view of a vibrant yellow bush sunflower with its brown center featured.)