Preserve Yorba Linda Hills Petition

Preserve Yorba Linda Hills Petition

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Hills For Everyone urges Yorba Linda residents to sign this petition to stop the conversion of designated Open Space to other uses like housing. Sign the petition by July 1st.

The City of Yorba Linda is presently considering a project on 41 acres zoned as Open Space. Unfortunately, some governmental agencies view the “Open Space” designation as a “temporary” land use, meaning it can change in the future to residential, commercial, industrial, etc. The problem is, this particular land was mitigation for the development impacts of the Yorba Linda Hills Planned Development. Its use shouldn’t change. HFE commented on the original project back in the early 1980s and again on this new project, the Hoff project, in 2021. 

HFE supports the petition of the group Preserve Yorba Linda Hills (PYLH) to stave off development of protected Open Space. We urge your signature on this petition. There are four ways to submit it:

  1. Download, digitally sign, and email/mail the petition in;
  2. Download, print, sign, scan and email the petition in; 
  3. Use the Google Form and add your name that way; or
  4. Submit an email to the PYLH team stating your opposition to this change of use. It should be something like: I support the permanent protection of Yorba Linda’s designated Open Spaces and oppose any change of use.

There are three versions of the petition: 1 signature, 3 signatures, or 10 signatures.

Please return this petition by Thursday, July 1st. All petitions/comments should go directly to: