Presentations to the Board of Supervisors

Presentations to the Board of Supervisors

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Protect Our Homes and Hills, a project of Hills For Everyone, organized nine speeches for decision day on Esperanza Hills before the Orange County Board of Supervisors on March 10, 2015.

View the speeches one by one or through the playlist.

  1. Noise by Brian Gass (2:31)
  2. Access by Lizette Spellman (3:47)
  3. Fire by Mike Benz (3:31)
  4. Casino Ridge by Paulette Byrne (3:24)
  5. Geology by Diane Kanne (3:15)
  6. Water by Sharon Rehmeyer (3:26)
  7. Traffic by Marlene Nelson (3:17)
  8. Two Faces of Government by Joe Byrne (3:06)
  9. Biology by Claire Schlotterbeck (3:27)

NOTE: The Supervisors certified the Environmental Impact Report but did not approve the project. The developer was asked to work with the City of Yorba Linda to ensure the project meets the City’s standards before coming back to the County Board of Supervisors.