Chino Hills Land Use Decision Pending

Chino Hills Land Use Decision Pending

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Tonight the Chino Hills City Council will be considering an update of their old General Plan. 

There is disagreement as to the zoning of property in the undeveloped hills west of the 71 freeway in southern Chino Hills. City documents show the area is zoned 1 unit per 40 acres – a carry over from when the land was under the control of San Bernardino County. In fact, the City specifically left it that way though landowners proposed 9,300 units in that area.

Now some of the landowners see an opportunity to claim the land is zoned 1 unit per five acres. The difference is 600 houses versus 75 houses or to put it in terms of traffic, 6,000 more vehicle trips a day versus more 750 vehicle trips a day.

The landowners are threatening a lawsuit.  If the City Council decides to change the zoning to 1 unit per five acres that will require new environmental review documents and a Measure U vote. We shall see if they honor the law and the requirements of Measure U.