Blue Ridge Fire Update

Blue Ridge Fire Update

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Time for another update. Unfortunately, less information has been available publicly about the #BlueRidgeFire perimeter and its hotspots today than on previous days. For example, CalFire still lists the acreage as 14,334–which was the acreage listed yesterday and we know the fire is continuing to slowly burn. The good news is, most community members evacuated from the Blue Ridge Fire have made it back home, including Hills For Everyone staff. Here is what we can share today:

1. We’ve created a new map with the latest fire perimeter. This data is updated every 30 minutes by the National Interagency Fire Center. So our map is current as of 3:00. We have again digitized the data and overlaid it with the Chino Hills State Park boundary for perspective. It appears based on our estimates an additional 828 acres of the parkland have burned since yesterday’s estimated calculation. This brings the total to around 8,788 acres or 62% of the Park. [Again, this is *our* estimate and not an official number by any means.]

2. Many people have asked how this fire’s perimeter has aligned with the devastating 2008 Freeway Complex Fire. That fire burned 30,305 acres and destroyed 95% of the State Park–along with about 300 homes. We’ve included a second map to show the similarities with those fire perimeters. The alignment is eerily similar, but not unexpected based on what we know of fire science and burn patterns.

3. Additionally, many people have asked about volunteering for restoration efforts. While, we appreciate the offers, but because this is an active fire with hotspots continuing to need attention by fire crews, this isn’t our focus at the moment. That said, we used the Freeway Complex Fire as an “excuse” to remove the non-native invasive plant Arundo donax from the Carbon Creek watershed and restore the land. We won’t let this crisis go to waste either. Any restoration efforts would be led by State Parks, not Hills For Everyone. We are giving them space while the chaos continues. We will certainly investigate options for grant funding and support the Park restoration efforts where and when need. And, we will also alert you to any volunteer opportunities that may arise.

4. We have done several interviews on the Blue Ridge Fire and its impacts to Chino Hills State Park. Watch for those in both print and digital media outlets. We will post them when they become available. Stay tuned.