320 Acres Preserved, FOREVER

320 Acres Preserved, FOREVER

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It isn’t every day we get to make an announcement like this… it is kind of a big deal. Chino Hills State Park was created along ridgeline boundaries to protect the viewshed for visitors and watershed for the wildlife. Today, we are thrilled to announce that escrow just closed on ridgeline land—a conservation acquisition 40 years in the making. View our Press Release.

Shopoff Realty Investments was a willing seller in a transaction to preserve 320 acres adjacent to Chino Hills State Park (purple on the map). And, of course, this isn’t the only land we are hoping to protect. Shopoff Realty owns the neighboring 80 acres (turquoise on the map) and our goal is to conserve that as well.

A map showing the 320 acres acquired in July 2020 and 80 acres of a possible future acquisition--both adjacent to Chino Hills State Park.

Hills For Everyone has the institutional knowledge regarding many properties adjacent to the State Park, including the one just acquired. In 1994, 75 houses were proposed across the two properties (400 acres).  We worked to make sure that proposal didn’t go anywhere 26 years ago. Our tenacity paid off!

A Conceptual Development Plan shows 75 units proposed across the 400 acre Eastbridge property.

We are grateful for the work of so many, including but not limited to: Shopoff Realty Investments, The Sauls Company, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wildlife Conservation Board, California Department of Fish and Game, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority, and The Conservation Fund.

So tonight, when you watch the sunset, step outside for some fresh air, or open a bottle of bubbly—send a little love into the world and be thankful more lands are protected for wildlife connectivity and endangered species, because now these ridgelines are preserved forever.