Carbon Canyon Fire Safe Council
The mission of the Council is “to make Carbon Canyon area a safer place to live through fire safe education and hazard fuel reduction.”

The Council has been active in supporting the removal of the flammable stream clogging invasive Arundo donax. By prioritizing its removal in grant applications after the Freeway Complex Fire, the Council has contributed greatly to restoring Carbon Creek.

Its Annual Wildfire Awareness Fair is held in the late spring.

Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association
The Chino Hills State Park Interpretive Association (CHSPIA) is a non-profit volunteer based organization that assists the California Department of Parks and Recreation in maintaining and restoring Chino Hills State Park. Through interpretive programs and volunteer support designed to enhance visitor experiences, CHSPIA fosters appreciation and the enlightened use of the State Park.

The Association periodically sponsors evening programs and Camp Outs at the State Park that offer visitors the chance to learn about the park, its wildlife, and other natural wonders.

Friends of Harbors, Beaches, and Parks
Friends of Harbors, Beaches and Parks (FHBP) works to protect the natural lands, waterways, and beaches of Orange County.

Hills For Everyone is a coalition member of FHBP’s Orange County Green Vision Project. The Project’s mission is “to increase the funding for parks, water quality, and open spaces in Orange County.” One major victory of the Project came when $243.5 million in funding for open space was called out in Orange County’s transportation sales tax renewal of Measure M in 2006. This funding source acquired 296 acres adjacent to the State Park and has provided funding to restore damaged areas in the Park as well.

Friends of Whittier Hills
The Friends of Whittier Hills is a long standing volunteer effort that has led the way in establishing the open space lands of the Whittier Hills.

Nature Of Wildworks
The mission of this non-profit is to provide wildlife educational programs and publications teaching people to coexist safely and humanely with wildlife.

Though based in Topanga Canyon, the Nature of Wildworks makes periodic visits to our region with presentations on wildlife, their behavior, and habitat needs. Staff bring an array of wildlife that have been injured and are unable to return to the wild.

Puente-Chino Hills Task Force of the Sierra Club
The Puente-Chino Hills Task Force is a part of the Sierra Club and is working toward the preservation of the Wildlife Corridor as an island of beauty and biological significance in a sea of urbanization. The development of the middle of the Wildlife Corridor will increase traffic, increase pollution, crowd schools, destroy wildlife habitat, and impact everyone’s quality of life.

The Task Force sponsors monthly hikes throughout the hills during the school year and hosts an annual work party in the spring at Chino Hills State Park.