State Park Bill To Grow Park

State Park Bill To Grow Park

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Here’s a little history: The eastern ridgeline was identified by the State Legislature in the Chino Hills State Park (CHSP) Feasibility Study (1977) as acquisitions that would ultimately complete the Park. It is further recorded in the Park’s General Plan in 1999. By 2008, State Parks agreed to a settlement agreement to add lands into the Park with walnut woodlands within 10 years. That same year, however, acquisitions statewide end and *all* State Parks stop growing.

In fact, Hills For Everyone (HFE) was told by the State Park Director the only way to have State Parks in compliance with the settlement agreement and meet the State Park’s General Plan, was through the legislative path. CHSP has *always* wanted this land, but Sacramento has been saying no to State Park growth for 12 years.

As funding became available, there were willing sellers, and a temporary land manager, HFE steps in to facilitate those conservation acquisitions or risk losing them forever. We hope this bill (SB 266) ultimately allows all State Parks to start growing again. Not every park is complete.

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