Loss of Marc Hanson

Loss of Marc Hanson

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Hills For Everyone is deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Senator Josh Newman’s Chief of Staff Marc Hanson. Our team had many wonderful experiences with him. From flying over the Puente-Chino Hills Wildlife Corridor to gain a landscape level perspective of the land to developing strategies with him on how best to proceed with our Chino Hills State Park expansion legislation, SB 266 and much more.

Marc was a charming, vibrant, and well-respected man. He pitched in on absolutely everything–from the most menial task to the heaviest of lifts. He was thoughtful. He was unparalleled in this enthusiasm for policy work. His understanding of the California political landscape, his connections, and his knowledge of the legislative process was beyond compare.

We are so shocked and so upset his brilliant life and career were cut so tragically short.

Marc, you were such an asset to the team. The void you’ve left is enormous.

A row of eight well dressed individuals and a toddler pose, smiling for a group photo on a stage with the American flag in the background.
Senator Josh Newman and his team, including Marc Hanson (center with the blue shirt and striped tie) at the 2018 Woman of the Year event where Hills For Everyone Executive Director Claire Schlotterbeck was recognized for her work in the environmental field.
Two men and two women in small plane squeeze in for a photo with sunlight shining in the windows.
In the Hills For Everyone (HFE) 2018 flight of the Wildlife Corridor, Marc (in the green jacket) jumped at the opportunity to view the landscape from above, while HFE consultant Melanie Schlotterbeck led the aerial tour.
Four individuals (two women and two men) pose in front of a small white and black plane with blue skies and scattered white clouds.
Excited after a great aerial view of the Corridor with Eco Flight the guests pose with the flight Hills For Everyone “tour guide” Melanie Schlotterbeck.
A woman in a white shirt explains through the use of a large map to two individuals, a man and a woman, the protected and unprotected landscape with a largely wooden building in the background.
After the flight Marc (in the green jacket) had important questions to ask of Hills For Everyone Executive Director Claire Schlotterbeck to aid in his understanding of the Corridor.